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Friday 27 June, 2014 | RSS Feed

Water Walking Ball Is So Popular ?

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water walking ballWater walking Ball is a kind of decorous motion set recreation, fitness sports.It is popular in Europe.Walk on water ball let us enjoy water sports fun.At the same time, walking through the exercise on the water,improving our coordination balance ability, movements of the body. Water walking ball activity was found to be most consistent with the coordination of body and systemic movement with the popularity of the games, the introduction of transformation, become a recreation characteristics of water sports suitable for mass movement. Water walking ball is made of plates with high strength polymer materials imported, has the characteristics of aging resistance, tensile resistance, not broken, non-toxic, tasteless, it is base on the European environmental standards; waterproof zipper gas leak devoted to the field of aviation and weapons, air tightness is highly safe; diameter from 1.8 meters -4 meters, the total volume up to 3 cubic meters, can carry more than 3 tons. According to statistics, adult daily intake air volume is 15 cubic meters, the water walking ball air capacity can be 3 cubic meters.Therefore, the total volume of gas ball for adults to use more than 3 hours, can effectively guarantee the safety of amusement, so that visitors can try feeling experience of modern fashion recreational pleasure, feel the infinite charm of walking on water.

What Is Water Roller ?

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water rollerWater Roller is made of imported thick high strength transparent capped polyether TPU material, effectively avoid the hydrolysis of general TPU material and rapid oxidation.It is approved by European requirements and environmental standards. It is designed by three chamber , completely solve the rollover problem.If the roller is leaking, the drum will not be sink, player is still safe. Water roller is generally the length of 2m, 2.4m, 2.5m, 2.7m, diameter 1.7m, diameter is 2.2M, a rope, the rope buckle (yellow, red, blue, green), pull point, grip. Each end of the gas chamber drum buoyancy is 400 kilograms of carrying 2-3 people , effectively avoid rollover, hydrolysis resistance, tensile resistance, aging resistance;non-toxic;tasteless;environmental protection material. After heat treatment,the rope wont be blown fluffy, ensure the rope will not spread, the rope button "not affected by temperature heat", shedding phenomenon does not easily occur, connected with the "double knot" rope, and tie fixed rope, the rope will not let loose in motion. Drum only once inflated, both sides are fully ventilated, do not have to worry about tourists too long causing shortness of breath problem. Fit in the square, park, swimming pool, attractions or large supermarkets and other public places of Entertainment Animation water world [1], depth of not less than 35 cm can manage, we can also custom specifications pool according to customer requirements, to provide convenience for our customers.

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