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Wednesday 09 July, 2014 | RSS Feed

Waterbird Information

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Waterbird (Bicycle on water)Waterbird (Bicycle on water) movement is found in Canada.Comfortable, safe, it can adjust the height of the saddle, handlebar is racing type.It is easy to operate, the pedal can and tic, forward or back everything freely.If feel tired, can also stop, in the water "suspended".It is carefree and content. Aqua bike rides very light, speed per hour can reach 8 to 1L km, but you don't have to worry about the safety of it, it will not have a "rollover" risk, and no age limitation, ages. The waterbird riding can be single, also can put the two together, two people with the driving experience, and common progress, unity and cooperation. The body weight calculated according to 80Kg, before and after the two skis should be able to produce large buoyancy, the handle is conduction components in power, forced under pressure, front slide upwards; no pressure reduction device. The front skateboard and the handle is reset active links, can be considered is the use of hydraulic reset or plate spring reset, handle can drive the front slide steering, to control the direction of travel.

Inflatable pool repair and maintenance knowledge description

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Inflatable pool repairInflatable pool repair and maintenance knowledge description 1, inflatable pool drain the pool of water, gas and drop edge gas chamber, clean. 2, inflatable pool their patch Patch to cut into the repair area is 3 times the size of the best, round or oval. 3, inflatable pool first backing adhesive processing The area and patch up wipe clean, evenly coated with special glue, and then use the hair dryer blowing into the non stick in hand, natural air drying I'm ok. 4, inflatable pool play glue treatment The patch area and patch just dry again evenly coated with special glue, ibid treatment to non stick in hand. 5, inflatable pool stick and The patch alignment repair area, slowly from a direction, do not have a bubble, and then hand pressed flat. 6, inflatable pool pressure. Stick on the flat after the hard things, with smooth hard heavy pressure to 24 hours can be used.

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