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Saturday 21 June, 2014 | RSS Feed

Different Zorb between PVC and TPU skin

Zorbing TPU & PVCDifferent Zorb between PVC and TPU skin 1.PVC skin Zorb will be harden when temperature is low, it is not suitable for playing in cool winter ,for warm condition, it is no problem to play; TPU skin Zorb is suitable for all seasons 3.PVC skin Zorb is more heavy than TPU skin Zorb even they are in same size. How to distinguish polyether TPU and polyester burning:they will release smoke, the black color smoke is PVC, the white color is TPU(enviromental friendly); cold temperature (air conditioner), turn harder material is pvc, still sofe is TPU. (we can put this two materials into 100degrees hot water for 2minutes, then take them out into cold water for a while, the color of polyester PVC will turn white, but polyether TPU still. ) The difference between TPU and PVC material 1. TPU has higher strength and higher tenacity than PVC, so loading weight is different. 2. TPU is odorless, but PVC smells some kind of acrid especially under hot weather condition, so TPU is more environmental friendly than PVC. 3. TPU is with high purity and PVC is a mixture, so TPU will keep clear all the time and PVC will fade and become yellow as time passes by, so TPU’s lifespan is longer than PVC, because of its resistance to oxidation. Zorb ball quality: How to compare the different quality zorb balls: a. For good quality zorb balls, the head of person should point to the interior of zorb ball after the harness is fixed. Otherwise the person will be possible to fall out of the zorb ball during zorbing! b. For good quality zorb balls, the shape should be round. Otherwise the zorb ball will be not able to endure the pressure evenly during zorbing! c. For good quality zorb balls, the harness should be strong enough. Otherwise the person will be possible to fall off during zorbing! Holleyweb can make Transparent zorbs, Colorful zorbs, Color dot zorbs, Color Entrance zorbs, Color string zorbs, Aqua zorbs, Zipper zorbs, Glow zorbs, Nuclear zorbs, Logo zorbs and other Customized zorbs... Customizable: Color, string rings, entrance, strings, harness, zipper, logo printing, matress...

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