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Inflatable Castle Description

Inflatable castle is an appearance of inflatable play equipment Castle modelling, with environmental protection, soft features material made. Because of its unique shape of cute, children love it. Also known as: inflatable castle,such as children's inflatable bouncer. Large inflatable castle amusement park is a new generation of entertainment facilities, designed according to the characteristics of children, it contains the slide, every kind of animal shapes, rich entertainment, popular children's favorite. It has the advantages of safety, comprehensive, ornamental, novelty, bright color, durable through three-dimensional combination of science, the waterproof cloth super together, this is a strong comprehensive amusement park. The player through the turn, roll, climb, shake, shake, jump, drilling and other new activities, to develop intelligence, physical exercise, mental and physical pleasure purposes. The products are welcomed by the buyers, because of its randomness and no power device is safe and reliable, simple management, convenient repair. (1) large inflatable toys and small and medium-sized inflatable toys material thickness of 0.45mm (500D). Slides and slope using 0.55mm (1000D) cloth, bottom thickness of 0.45mm (500D). The air cushion height is 60 cm, the height of barrier of 80 cm, width of 27-30 guardrail slide and public. Other designs are rounded. The easily broken place adopts upper and lower reinforcement structure of sewing. (2) the material for inflatable cloth a professional, good cold tolerance, low temperature can reach 40 degrees below zero; flame retardant. PVC is PVC material referred to, are made of PVC resin as the main raw material, adding anti-aging agent, modifier, after mixing, calendering, vacuum technology and become material. Can be used for eight to one hundred thousand passengers per year

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