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Sunday 29 June, 2014 | RSS Feed

Inflatable Games Installation

Inflatable Games Installation 1 First find a piece of flat ground, clearing the ground stone, broken glass and other sharp objects, in order to prevent puncture products. 2 On the floor carpet (or PVC cloth, or the color of the cloth), and then wrapped gas on ground central. 3 Inflatable packaging, to avoid the use of blade sharp tools and packaging, to prevent accidentally into the packaging of the product, use scissors to packaging bag sewing slowly pick off, then open the package at the mouth of the needle can be. 4 Open the package, each component will be very slowly to spread out all around, until all the parts are smooth expansion around to the ground. 5 Find fan gas above the mouth, the fan inlet and inflatable blower port on tie tied, then prepare to power line. Switch on the fan, the fan is connected to the power supply, to gas blowing, about 5-10 minutes, gas will be completely blow erect. Check around there is no mistake, children can go and play.

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