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Sunday 06 July, 2014 | RSS Feed

New Zealand Zorb Ball, Zorb Ball Attention

zorbing playingNew Zealand Zorb Ball, Zorb Ball Attention Suffering from heart disease, hypertension and weaker visitors should not participate in the zorb ball activity. At the height of 1.50 meters below, under the age of 12 years old, 55 years of age or older should not participate in the. The weight of no more than 200 pounds, if two men ride together, weight is best not to the gap is too wide. Individual tourists may appear dizziness, headache phenomenon in the ride after. The ball rolled to a stop after that, passengers don't immediately drilled the ball, should stop in two minutes of silence. Take off the shoes, portable, mobile phone keys, glasses and sharp small ornaments to unify on the ball in the fixed bag, lest the ball cut or hurt the body rolled in. And the grass skiing, age two season is a good time to play the zorb ball. But it is influenced by weather, rainy, windy day four and above are not suitable, otherwise easy to get out of the ball slide, dangerous. Grass green in certain slope, using the inertia and gravity of the zorb ball to the lower rapidly tumbling down. Holleyweb in the autumn of 2004 from Taiwan to introduce a transparent sphere (zorb ball), visitors will body fixed on the ball body, along the mountain after rolling, rolling process, visitors can fully feel the weightlessness and overweight sensory stimulus.

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