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The Zorb Ball Events

The Zorb Ball EventsZorb ball is generally transparent ball, also has the appearance of colorful balls, made of PVC material, the air filled between the outer sphere and inner sphere diameter of 3.2 meters more than 2 meters, which is connected by a nylon rope of thousands of colorful. In looking forward to the destination, not far from the friends pointed hill, "look! Later, we will roll down from the top of the hill!" Careful observation can see slideway are spherical fast tumbling down, listen carefully, loudspeakers came the screams and shouts, the tone, the whole wail like ghosts and howl like wolves! As for? I smiled. Arrange luggage, feed the belly, I was unable to hold oneself back to itch for a try. Songshan ski field staff to explain to me about the matters needing attention in playing a ball game, watching the length of about 100 meters of the slide, I suddenly a bit afraid, may be to stimulate the ear ear screams the infection, but it can personally experience a Longge when a ball rolls feel, I he accepted the temptation. The staff to see my hesitation, told me: "young people are playing the, girls also piles! After almost no nausea and dizziness, but chocolate does have a." My old man say what also can not lose twat! Work personnel to use the blower to zorb ball inflating sphere, with expansion, nylon rope, red, purple and green colored began to gradually clear up. The tangle in a tangle of zorb ball inside bladder, don't really let a person very close impulse. Inflatable after the entrance, I was taken into the body side, slowly moved into the inside of the ball, the ball is fixed on the inner wall of the security protection of two individuals with both feet, respectively, waist and abdomen, shoulders and hands, take the "seats". Each side is fixed with a green cloth bag, the staff to help me tie the safety belt, once again asked a number of considerations. Just answered, feel the zorb ball slowly began to move, my heart suddenly nervous. As the ball rotation, my body into the sky, in a moment, and parallel to the ground and drops suddenly, head appeared like a roller coaster feeling. Looking out the window at the shadowy green and blue sky, at first could distinguish the heaven and earth, doing one or two standard roll forward, my companion and I began to reel right and left, and later as the ball faster, I only hear themselves and their companions make the welkin ring scream. Soon come to an end, my companion and I lost the ball, have a look on the opposite side of the colleagues, she was scared eyes closed, but also some trance. We started out from the cabin, as a lateral opening slip out, in the fall when I try to control my already floating body, a little on the heavy companions sat in the grass. Listening to the presence of staff said, the zorb ball amplifier, we scream in open slide over the echoes, have rhythm and momentum. I know, there is rhythm refers to my colleagues and I who hung in the "heaven" will be scared to cry, who lay on the "ground" is very smart to shut up. "Escape" the zorb ball, we still staggering in the green grass, back down through the still have a lingering fear, the original "try by hook to look for sth." is not so easy! Narrator: in Henan Songshan ski field staff. In fact, China is introducing the zorb ball later than many countries, because of the limitations of space, this project is currently in China are not many. Generally speaking, some ski field large have this equipment. Rolling zorb ball to slide a strict requirements, requirements must be flat, straight slide. It also requires flexibility as well as possible, otherwise once the ball out of the way, will cause varying degrees of damage to play the ball. Zorb ball our limited mostly imported from abroad, this activity is not suitable for individual operation, only to the professional zorb ball play space time.

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