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Saturday 28 June, 2014 | RSS Feed

Zorbing By The Zorb Ramp & Track

Zorbing RampZorbing under the zorb ramp & track we called "novelty, unique charm, beyond the self" & quickly become popular of the sports tourism in twenty-first Century.Many of people open to challenge the limits of self, the pursuit of sports lovers self and personality. Holleyweb Inflatable Ltd. firmly come to be the world entertainment industry leader, with extreme sports facilities design.We have full of strange ideas very perfect and humanized business planning mode, creating a limit enthusiasts tailor-made, very dynamic game of new projects, infinite pleasure to limit lovers challenging spirit and the spirit of innovation in Baiyun Mountain between body and mind, expand experience extreme sports. Zorbing Ramp is using the gas industry a Platon 0.6mm or 0.9mm PVC material! The PVC material is approved by the Bureau of quality supervision and testing results & show no stimulation against the skin, non-toxic no harm with children, and meet the export standards. The material is inflatable fabric a professional, cold and heat resistance, good flame retardancy. 1, we use the best nylon line throughout the double needle, to ensure that the products bear ability strong enough! 2, we place the pad interface using double suture, so when the children play games on it, you don't need to worry about security issues! 3, the zipper can help you discouraged faster to gas, the zipper is a durable very, and the zipper is There is a zipper veneer, can help to disperse the zipper pressure! 4, we in the corresponding places each product will be added to the pulling buckle, fixing products so that you can better! 5, each of our products are provided with a warning sign, can teach you to better our products!

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