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Zorbing Story
At the bottom,we caromed off a huge bank,through a giant grass curve,and then off another bank until the zorbanistas gained control of us,unzipped the pod hole,tilted the ball,and poured us out of the hole like huge,gloppy,fully grown babies.It was at that moment,as we were laughing hysterically,that I decided I bad to bring the first Zorb franchise to America.After all,you can do it year round,you don't need much land,and there aren't many moving parts.Even our stupid lawyers would go for it.
“Do they pop much?”I asked Matt
“Well,the plastic is three feet thick,so not really.All we do is give them a quick blow every morning and they're set.”Well,who isn't?
“Do people ever get claustrophobic?”
“Sometimes.But I just zip them up and throw them down anyway.And they always end up thanking me afterward.They're always like,‘Man,that was the greatest time of my life!'”
“Much throwing up?”
“Not really,”he said.“If they're gonna honk,they do it just before I close the hatch.I had an Asian kid the other day.I put him in at the top and he stuck his head back out and spewed all over me.So I hosed myself off and I said,‘You OK,then?’and he didn't say anything,so I zipped him up and threw him down.And he had the greatest time!
 I was really starting to like the way this guy talked,Hell,yeab! You're gonna bonk? I'm gonna zip you up and throw you down,cowboy !Sweet-as! I asked about buying a zorb,I'm figuring a sledding hill,a crappy
van,a Zorb,a zorbulator,a few zorbanistas,a box of T-shirts,I'm
going to make millions!“They're about $11,000 U.S.,but you can't buy one.You can
only buy a franchise.”“But there's none in the U.S.yet,right?”“Yes,there is one.Pigeon Forge,Tennessee,I think.”Rats!Figures.Pigeon Forge is the home of Dolly parton.Hasn't she got enough giant,round,inflatable balls?
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