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Riding The Wild Zorb
The next time your teacher hits you up for a spelling test, try hitting them back . . . and ask them to add `zorbing' to the list. Believe it or not, this adventure craze is now in the Oxford.

What is it?
Zorb balls are giant PVC balls that are elastic, buoyant and lightweight.They were created in the '90s in New Zealand, and have been rolling around hills since. There are ten sites in the world to date, with Australia's only zorb park at Pimpama. Andrew Johns braved a spinning zorb complete with peeling tomatoes for The Footy Show, and jelly, custard and liquid chocolate can be thrown into the mix if you're OK with the cost.At the moment, the Gold Coast has varieties including hydro zorbing, harness zorbing and wet-harness zorbing on offer.
What's it like?
Park operator Peter Davidson said hydro zorbing was like `getting in a front-loading washing machine'. With this ride, buckets of blue-tinged water are added, and you roll around crazily getting wet. Upper Coomera High students Alex Parrish, 16, and Naomi Jones, 15, offered to give it a go and share their thoughts with us. Soaked to the bone, Alex squeezed himself out at the end. ``It was weird,'' he said. ``I thought it went for longer than it looks. You get a lot wetter than I thought, as well.'' Naomi said it was good to try something new, because going to theme parks on the coast wasn't a big thing when you lived here. It's hard to tell which way is up, I couldn't sit still. she said : "I didn't feel dizzy."
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