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Zorbing In New Zealand

Zorbing is a kind of double PVC ball.The game player won the rebound and the pleasant sensation of the speed, full protection at the same time repeatedly hit the ground.
As to whether it is really fun, of course, young people than the old grandma go mad for it. The first few times especially stimulation, but would like to have more fun, you need to constantly changing fun place and methods. Imagine from Luoshan down the pleasure in spring!
The inventor acres two brothers, trick most is the brother David, who was responsible for the continuous improvement of the development of ZORB BALL function, fantasy or experiment more fun Zorbing method.
He said: "I tell people most often sit together in a powerful and unconstrained style more ideas: on the ball with wash water, water of pigments, even put together with the Zorb dropped down from the airplane. Ha ha, of course, is not feasible, but we are trying to let the ball drop from the Falls! There are defenseless people like naked into the Zorb Ball tumbling, especially from Sweden and Israel to New Zealand to play Zorbing girl."
Zorb Ball also uses other offbeat. Like America nature theater event Burning Man put Zorbing into the show, night wilderness, Zorb Ball splendor, beauty is stifling. Reporters in the ball rolling, inverted, make all kinds of gravity defying action, while grassland, while the sky, while the skyscrapers, thought this was a good fit for modern dance performance. Andrew said: "if performance is very fun, very creative, we would want to participate in."
Zorb Ball walk on water? Absolutely no problem. Zorbing company Holleyweb Inflatable just and America Santiago sea world cooperation, in the ball is winged thruster, let the ball easier to move forward in the water. An inflated ball security floating in the water, according to the laws of physics, the player need not worry about the water flooded in from the entrance, such as the ball is going, the incoming water will soon from another export spillover.
No matter how the space ball prospect, it will no doubt get more attention in 2014, because it will be forthcoming Sochi Winter Olympic games.
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